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What is translation?

It is writing in one language what an author has previously written in another language. But this is not as simple as it may seem. Not only does a translator take into account the play upon words of every language, but also he or she has to know the culture to which this language belongs. The linguist has to know how to convey the meaning of the source text to the translated version so that the target readers understand it easily and the transmission of ideas is not interrupted.
Translation is an essential tool for communication among people and it has been present since the very beginning of civilization. More than 80% of all the books you have read in your life have been translated from and to other languages. That means that you would not have had the chance of enjoying numerous literary works if it had not been for the invaluable work of translators.

What can I do for you?

I act like a linguistic bridge that connects you with customers, vendors, contacts and institutions from other countries and helps you communicate with them so that you do not have to worry about not knowing the language they speak. My work could increase your commercial opportunities since it would allow you to promote your business in foreign markets in same language they speak. Every time a client contacts me for a project, I use all the tools available to provide them with a professional, prompt and accurate translation job.

These are the areas I work in:

  • oenology and viticulture
  • gas and petroleum
  • science and technology
  • medicine
  • construction and architecture
  • humanities
  • publicity and films
  • journalism
  • tourism

Types of text I translate:

  • technical texts
  • scientific texts
  • commercial texts
  • literary texts
  • legal texts

Is it recommendable to use machine translation?

Not at all. This software does not understand the text it translates. It simply replaces words from language A for words from language B without taking into account the complexity of these languages or the author's intentions. If you do not want your texts to give the wrong impression, invest wisely. Hire a professional translator.

If you have any questions or queries, please write to contacto@aldanamichelino.com.
I am here to help you.


They choose to work with AM Translation Studio

  • AGS Producciones Artísticas
  • Altoros Systems
  • Central American Women’s Network (CAWN)
  • Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST)
  • Escribanía Vigo
  • FERMA S. A. Sistemas Constructivos
  • Foreign Trade Office - Government of Entre Ríos, Argentina
  • GenPro S. A.
  • Killabunnies
  • Ministry of Production - Government of Entre Ríos, Argentina
  • National Technological University (UTN) – Santa Fe Branch
  • National University of Entre Ríos (UNER)
  • ScriptArch
  • Tecnoalim
  • T-Cup Soluciones Lingüísticas
  • TopGroup S. A.
  • True Subtitles
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • United Nations Volunteers Programme (UNVP)
  • Wuignier S. R. L.

In their own words:

“ScriptArch hired Aldana’s services on several occassions. Some texts translated by her were technical manuals, a task she undertook with care and thought for average readers. On other occasions she delivered us translations of bios of professionals from different industries; when reading the Spanish translations, you had the feeling that these texts had been directly written by a Spanish-speaking in-house company writer. In short: we realized that she is a detail-oriented translator who always cares for delivering great results.”

Fabio Descalzi, ScriptArch

 “We recommend Aldana Michelino’s services because of her professionalism, her prompt response and the respectful attitude she showed in every single work she did for us.”

Verónica Geese, Ferma S. A. Sistemas Constructivos

 “Aldana Michelino is a talented translator and a great collaborator. She’s fully committed to her career and enjoys challenging experiences. I highly recommend her as she masters English and Spanish language conventions and don’t hesitate to go for an extra mile if needed.”

Sandra Cravero, ST

 “Aldana has excellent teamwork skills, she always has a positive attitude towards helping other team members and she is always ready to cooperate with the team leader/project manager. She takes every project she is assigned to seriously and responsibly. She is a trustworthy professional and I would hire her again if I needed to.”

María Julia Aulicio, ST

 “From the moment I met Aldana last year at a Proofreaders Conference in Buenos Aires I knew she was a great professional, which she later confirmed when I assigned the first translation jobs to her this year. She is at all times willing to help others in big projects, delivers her tasks on time and even earlier and does as much research as necessary to deliver a flawless translation. Undoubtedly I would recommend her as a top-quality translator!”

María Victoria Cincunegui, ST

"Aldana is a very professional translator. She is very responsible and accurate with her translations; she strives to deliver quality work which meets clients’ expectations in all respects. I totally recommend her as a translation professional."

Analía Bogdan, ST


"The process of translating comprises in its essence the whole secret of human understanding of the world and of social communication."
Hans Georg Gadamer

E-mail.: contacto@aldanamichelino.com
Skype: aldanamichelino
Tel.: (+54) (0342) 4691559
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